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You only need to look at the performance of Gangnam's two biggest clubs in this poll to see the progress of South Korea's club scene over the past 12 months.

Both new entries last year, Octagon and Ellui are two of the highest climbers, each after (at most) two years of operation — it's fair to say clubbing in South Korea is bootin' off. Lazy 'Gangnam Style' comparisons aside, the eponymous district — a walking ground for the city's glammed up, well-off club cats — has truly caught the “EDM” bug.

Ellui has been at the heart of it. Opting for a colossal Funktion One-powered surround soundsystem, hi-tech production — retina-scorching lasers, gigantic plasma screens, foam cannons — and the hardest-hitting players of the international scene (Mark Knight, Mat Zo, Mauro Picotto) before 'Gangnam Style' was even a twinkle in PSY's eye, it's hard to ignore the defining influence it's had on South Korea's music scene.