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Brothers Sisters EP
Toy Tonics

Sterling New Jersey vibes from Belfast's Montel. Bass rumbles like thunder on title track 'Brothers Sisters', while 'Got 2 Have U' brings the disco amid the skippy percussion.

First Date EP
Pierre Codarin
Saints & Sonnets

Heaviness from Pierre Codarin on Huxley and Jimmy Posters' Saints & Sonnets. 'First Date' — arguably not first date music — is superbly weird, while 'Trauma' lets loose an angular groove.

Same Freakin' Day
Klangkultur Schallplatten

Ulrich Harrison steps out on Cologne's Klangkultur Schallplatten with a loose, vibey houser, with that same Janis Joplin sample Italo house classic 'JJ Tribute' busted out back in the day. Aces.

Laura Jones

The Visionquest boys nab this heavyweight, riff-heavy excursion from the inimitable Laura Jones. The jacking, stripped 'Crux' might just take it, but the OCH mix of the title track demands attention.

Anton Pieete

You've got to love tracks which just kick straight off, all guns blazing, like Dutchman Anton Pieete's 'Galician'. No layering in drums one after the other. Just balls out right out of the gate. Anyway, that aside, Pieete rolls out a basseous groove with a slightly jarring, slightly spooky vibe. It's ace. Over, 'Jupiter Blue' has that irresistible freeform, tech-jazz thing running through, where Holland meets Detroit. Label bosses Joris Voorn and Edwin Oosterwal must be tickled pink with this.

Cultural Variance EP
DJ Bone

Metroplex legend DJ Bone, aka Eric Dulan, has been embracing the new generation in recent years, with collabs turning up with the likes of Deetron and the Hessle Audio crew. Now he's unleashing this incendiary two-tracker for Matt Tolfrey's Leftroom as it approaches its 10th year in the business. 'Cultural Variance' is frisky — well, perhaps a bit more than frisky — and wildly percussive, a twisted Afro vocal running through. 'Faze', meanwhile, is slamming, delay-heavy, with a hint of disco. Hey it's techno, really, but just pitch it down a tad and bob's your uncle.

Bella Avgvsta (Part 1)
Daniel Bortz

Just brimming with heavyweight, palpable atmosphere, Munich's Pastamusik presents a towering slab from family member Daniel Bortz. 'Steady Note' is minimal yet dramatic, somehow tough and delicate at the same time. When it returns from a break into white, distorted noise, it truly shakes. 'DOH' is thick with percussion, while 'Chortz' rattles and rolls. 'Wohin Willst Du (Where You Want)' loads up the bass, underpinning warped vocals. It's a real piece of work. We await 'Bella Avgvsta Part 2' with baited breath.  

Work On Me EP
Lewis Boardman
Play It Down

Lewis Boardman, long time resident at Yousef's Circus club night in Liverpool has only just quit his regular employment to devote his nine-to-five activities to house music. Bugger only knows why he's waited until now, on this evidence. 'Consistency', all percussive and bass-loaded, is one of those gear-shifting tracks, which in the space of six minutes has the power to turn a good party into a great one. 'Work On Me', meanwhile, has something of a Masters At Work dub vibe to it, but darker and a little more dangerous. 'Stones' has, well, stones. Big fat ones. Do give up the day job. Please.

Make It True feat JoJo De Freq
Berkson & What
Play It, Say It

Release number five from Seth Troxler's Play It, Say It label comes from Berkson & What (Dan Berkson and James What), joined by JoJo De Freq on the vocal duties. It's a thing of delicate beauty — all skittering percussion, De Freq's otherworldly vocals and gentle chords, pinned down by an undulating b-line and a twinge of acid. On the remix? Well, since you ask, it's Classic's very own Luke Solomon, who proffers a heads-down pumper, and some fella called Mr Fingers, who turns in two entirely delicious, classically accomplished mixes. He'll go far.

Alan Delius & Adam Strömstedt
Banofee Pies

Alan Delius and Adam Strömstedt, of Stockholm's Junk Yard Connections crew, drop this fabulously generous five-tracker for Banofee Pies, only the label's second release. It's as house music should be; blazingly funky, achingly soulful, slightly twisted and eminently danceable. 'When We' pulses with a twisted piano, 'Scuze Me' plumbs Brandy's R&B benchmark 'The Boy Is Mine' for inspiration and 'Reflektioner 17.19' ups the BPMs and bass. Meanwhile, 'The Third Bass' breaks up the beats and embraces oddball hip house, and 'Joe Doesn't Pass' shoots you with a tranquilizer dart.

Out of Sight
Dan Shake
Black Acre

Dan Shake is the first artist outside of Detroit that Kenny Dixon Jr has allowed a run out on his Mahogani Music. The Londoner just gave him a CD, and that was that. Indeed, there was probably not much to think about. This latest jaunt for Black Acre is a stunner. 'Out of Sight' devastates with its rough, rasping bassline, incessant electric piano chords and live drums. 'Traders II', a collaboration with Canada's Rennie Foster, has soothing Rhodes-esque keys, a filthy bassline with just a faint whiff of acid and horns. Oh my, those horns. It's all sublime. 

Element EP
Hot Haus/UTTU

Out on Christmas Day, this truly is messianic house music from Unknown to the Unknown's Hot Haus imprint. 'Vision' is so simple it's come full circle into genius territory — just a loop tough enough to crack walnuts in its thighs, a stabbing synth bass and a lady insisting that things will be alright. What else is there? 'Solstice', with its bassline of purest rubber, emulates such dazzling simplicity, before dropping a delectable rave pad just before it makes its excuses and packs up. 'Element' is a little more engineered, more sedate by comparison, perhaps, but nonetheless fabulous for it. So, so good.