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Top 100 Clubs

Up 6

THE mythical, hypothetical status previously afforded to Space Ibiza as the "world's number one club" is now official.

Up 9

WHO'S up for a rave pilgrimage, then? "Where to?" you ask with your eyes bright and ears pricked. To the place all discerning clubbers should travel to, my pretties.

Up 24

BRAZIL'S Green Valley has gone from practically unheard of superclub to the world's third favourite in the space of four years (climbing 50 places in the poll in only twelve months). Why?

Down 1

THIS Ibiza institution's name isn't entirely appropriate. Once experienced, Amnesia, one of the longest-running and most established clubs on the White Isle, is never forgotten.

AS a global clubbing brand, Pacha is head and shoulders above the rest, but the undisputed jewel in its crown is still the original Pacha Ibiza, on the outskirts of Ibiza Town.

Up 2

WITH no cameras allowed inside, the foreboding guts of this former power station will forever be a mystery to the uninitiated.

Down 6

LAST year, DJmag readers voted Sankeys the No.1 club in the world, and while it may have slipped a few places, it clearly still remains at the height of your affections. And it's easy to see why...

Down 4

AS quintessential as the name suggests, Ministry Of Sound is arguably the most prominent clubbing brand on the planet - the centralized function of London club scene. It's official.

Up 1

CELEBRATING 20 glorious years in 2011, Zouk first opened its doors before even London's evergreen Ministry Of Sound and remains fresher than a daisy today.

DON'T let those fluffy angel wings fool you. There is nothing innocent about the skimpily dressed dancers writhing on the many podiums, levels and stages at BCM Plant Dance.

Up 2

DUBBED the "Fabric of the North", Digital brings quality live shows and one-offs to Times Square.

Down 11

HAVING been open for 11 years, countless clubbers' formative experiences are cut from the cloth of Fabric.

Up 21

ALL it takes is a second inside the fertile grounds of Sirena to realise it's a club that values the natural world over modern artifices.

Up 20

"PRIVILEGE is an actual privilege to play," jokes Gary Curran from The Japanese Popstars, before adding more seriously: "The layout and the atmosphere created inside each room is hectic and...

THERE'S plenty to get jaded about while in the clubbing mecca of Ibiza, but DC10 isn't one of them.

Up 13

PERENNIAL favourite Guvernment is one of the largest party spaces in North America.

Up 43

FOR many Bulgarians, Yalta Club is where it all started.

Up 5

THE best clubs take full advantage of their surroundings and shape them to their own ends.

Up 39

STARTING around 2am and lasting until midday the following day, Circus Afterhours is quite possibly Canada's most hedonistic nightclub - or should we say dayclub?

Up 28

PITCHED on the south coast of Cyprus as an alternative to the mainstream bar culture of its surroundings, Guaba is famous for its free parties on a Sunday afternoon overrun by mud-caked tanned...

THE small Eastern European nation of Estonia isn't exactly known as a global hotspot for dance music, but tucked away in a picturesque corner of the capital Tallinn's Old Town is a sparkling...

Up 2

SHAPE-SHIFTING designs; a heliocentric interpretation of the future; an interactive, electrocuted vision of space through the eyes of a hallucinating alien...

Up 3

WITH a 2011 that's already welcomed everyone from Chicago jackmaster DJ Sneak to dogged breakbeat duo Stanton Warriors, Club Midi's three place rise from last year matches the general rude health...

Down 6

NOT just a beach club, but a beach superclub, Warung host residencies from the world's biggest underground club brands.

Up 10

WHETHER this year's jump in 10 poll positions can be put down to the global press surrounding the five-night celebration of Pacha NY's fifth birthday with Guetta, Luciano and Fedde Le Grand last...

Down 5

GOOD things come in small packages, especially in the case of Harry Klein. Simply put, the venue's size only adds to its character.

RECENT upstart Beta Waterloo has been selling out events quicker than Sarah Palin selling cupcakes at a Republican rally in Texas, hence proving that there actually is an electronic music scene in...

WHO would have thought kitting a club with US city-themed booths - New York, LA, Las Vegas, and Miami - could work?

Down 10

FRESH from getting voted 'Best Belgian Club Ever' at I Love Techno last year, Fuse has been bringing techno to Brussels since it opened in 1994 back when R&S was actually run from its hometown...

WITH an open air dancefloor smack in the middle of Croatia's Beach Zrce, Papaya is a great place to shake your, um, papayas. The dress code here is bikinis, short shorts, no shirts and shades.

Up 37

NEIDKLUB - bigger brother to upstairs (but separate) venue, Baalsaal - is the nightspot where Hamburg's new age hipsters come to shake their tails.

Up 33

LEAVE your bigoted uncles at the door; this polysexual club is one of the most tolerant and progressive venues in the world.

Down 22

BERLIN may have its multitude of secret parties, underground spots, one-off raves in random locations and ultra-cool bars - and the ever-present looming spectre of Berghain - but Watergate truly...

Down 20

SINCE opening in 2003, D-Edge has burrowed its way deep into the hearts of clubbers in Brazil who favour the slightly grimier, more underground end of the clubbing spectrum.

Down 15

THANKS to Mayor Giuliani's reign of rave wrath during the '90s, there ain't many clubs worth writing home about from New York.

Up 11

BELGIUM is steeped in rave tradition. Consider the peerless, innovative R&S Records, underground dance stable Music Man, and techno stronghold Fuse.

Down 9

"OTHERS Play House, We Play Mansion" is the title for Saturday night parties at this sassy Miami venue.

Up 28

LOCATED deep beneath the busy streets of Beirut, BO18 has a music policy to match.

Up 49

TROT past the Disneyland Castle façade of Ayia Napa's Castle Club late on a weekend and you'll no doubt find hordes of ravers queuing outside its giant medieval gate.

Down 24

A Miami mainstay blessed with a 24-hour liquor license, Space was - notoriously - the club of choice for the cast of the Jersey Shore during the filming of their second series.

Down 26

FOR those who haven't been, Womb is spoken of in hushed tones. It's the ultimate rite of passage for air-mile-clocking underground DJs. The reason for its Valhalla status is simple.

THERE are many cities around the world renowned for their house heritage but Mantova certainly isn't one of them; it's best known as the birthplace of opera and the city where Shakespeare banished...

FORMERLY known as Crobar, Florida's Cameo is transformed into a haven for glitter dresses, Valentino suits and button-up shirts during the WMC/ Ultra season.

CALL it coincidence or intention, Cocorico and its rooster crow of a name certainly has a lot to be cocky about. Why?

EVEN though it's situated above, and owned by, the 500-capacity party den Neidklub, Baasaal is very much regarded as a separate club; first of all due its detached door policy and, secondly,...

WHEN did slick beat mastery, stylish décor and rapturous foot stomping become synonymous with a Florentine night out?

Up 43

AN actual converted industrial silo - normally used for storing vast quantities of coal or grain, not hundreds of sweaty, techno-pummelled ravers - keeping it strictly underground has always been...

Down 26

THE name 'Cosmic Relaxation Center Paradiso' could only really be a product of hippy ideals and very strong dope, so the formation of Paradiso - in what was once a church - in 1968 was very much...

Down 37

WHILE most drinkers are either returning home with a stranger or puking in an alleyway, the party is only just starting at Stereo.

Down 13

HOME to resident events as big as the railway arches that house them, The Arches has managed to fend off competition from the likes of O2 ABC and Soundhaus over the years to maintain its position...

Up 42

IN such a technologically hypermodern city as Tokyo, you expect a club to be pretty special, and naturally, the Japanese capital has its fair share of jaw-dropping venues.

BETWEEN Aix en Provence and Marsellie lives this single-room dancefloor that brings a touch of electricity to the South of France's club scene.

Down 46

RESPONSIBLE for the most prominent underground parties in Manchester between September to NYE every year, Warehouse Project is nothing short of a national institution.

TAKING its interior cues from the excessive glamour of Hollywood homes in the '30s and '40s, Set provides just that, with its opulent backdrop a playground for Miami's rich and beautiful to take a...

Up 40

OWNED by techno entrepreneur and DJ Alan Simms (the man behind the 16-year-old event Shine) and loved by the likes of Phil Kieran, The Japanese Popstars and Space Dimension Controller, The Stiff...

HARDCORE ravers may baulk at the idea of a club that brags about its "dining in bed" experience - after all, lying down and scoffing posh grub is hardly the stuff of peak-time hedonism and mind-...

Down 13

NO doubt the owners of Tresor (which translates into safe or vault) noticed the irony when they were turfed out of their not so secure venue in 2005 to make way for re-development.

CREATED in 2008, by DJs for DJs to achieve a vibe that allows the selector to converge with the crowd, Asylum Afterhours is the brainchild of resident DJ Will Haltom, who decided to open a venue...

A particularly hazy visit to Trouw during last year's ADE lent it an even more bizarre air than its set-up in an old newspaper printers suggests - like, why is there a caravan parked directly...

Down 11

SOME clubs don't need to shout about themselves. Their sheer magnetism draws in the punters, press and plaudits like moths to a flame.

Up 24

A repeat offender in this poll, this illustriously designed converted cinema is armed to the teeth with chandeliers made of lasers, an Alpha soundsystem and a bevy of fog machines, strobes and...

Down 11

AN eardrum-murdering club ridden with Converse-sporting Parisian hipsters, Rex Club is widely recognised as Paris' most famous techno institution.

YOU can't get much higher than at the Petronas Twin Towers, previously the tallest buildings in the world, so it's appropriate that they provide the backdrop to Zouk, Kuala Lumpur.

BRAZIL is perhaps the biggest growing market for electronic dance music in the world.

RENOWNED for its bustling nightlife, Mykonos is also one of the most stunning islands in the world, so you can understand why they decided to call this club Paradise: it pretty much is, as long as...

AS the name implies, Voyeur is about one thing only: a raunchy, good show. From the sexy, leather-clad go-go dancers to a highly suggestive lounge area, it's a club that caters for your libido.

THERE may be plenty of underground clubs in the Top 100, but there aren't many that are literally under the ground - certainly not in the same way that La Cova Forest Club in Corbera, Barcelona,...

Down 29

REGARDLESS of the implications of its namesake, Corsica Studios is not a set of studios (we prefer the term dancefloors) situated on an Italian island in the Med. Granted.

Down 38

FOLLOWING the emotional farewell to Optimo's 13-year-long Sunday residency last April, Sub Club picked itself up, dusted itself off and held forth with the true-grit determination expected of any...

Down 43

REPRESENTED by the consistently excellent 43 Live At Robert Johnson (LARJ) compilations, this snug LED-lined 400-capacity room is obviously still held with high affection in the hearts of its many...

Up 8

THE metaphorical equivalent of a cool flannel to the sweaty brow of a fevered man, Cable's influence of the flailing London club scene was nothing short of therapeutic last year.

Down 26

CAN you feel the Portrush? This Northern Ireland venue has a special place in the fast-beating heart of its devoted crowd and all the DJs who play at its club night, Lush.

ACCORDING to the wigs behind Moscow's Discoteque, finding a balance between the mainstream and the underground is the club's priority, even if, residing in a part of the world where big names rule...

WHILE Middlesbrough is hardly the UK's most coveted underground house scene, line-ups over at The Arena in recent months seem to suggest otherwise.

IN Western Australia, where attendance rates for music events drastically outstrip those for museums and theatre performances, it's no surprise that Club Ambar, host to the likes of Shonky, Hernan...

Down 6

FIRMLY wedged in the plaid-ridden, skinny jean-infested climes of Shoreditch, Plastic People is not to be written off as a walking ground for vintage store-loving fashionistas more concerned with...

Down 55

THE Mint Club can be credited for almost single-handedly elevating Leeds to the dizzy height of (arguably) the UK's number two nightspot.

IT'S taken less than six months for Las Vegas' new 62,000sqft club/coliseum to creep into DJmag's Top 100 Clubs Poll.

Up 5

IN the '90s, Liverpool's Nation was as much of a rave staple as day-glo jackets, luminous whistles and ridiculous hats.

Down 27

DESPITE its existence as a 600-capacity two-room venue in a relatively small city, there is big fun to be had in the bowels of this venue built within Edinburgh's ancient caverns.

KINKY red seating, kissing booths and performing contortionists are just a few of the features that coax folk to completely lose their inhibitions on a regular basis at Gatecrasher Birmingham.

LOCATED in a renovated 1930s warehouse in São Paulo's industrial Barra Funda district, this up-and-coming club offers a hip alternative to underground stalwart D-Edge.

Down 2

CELEBRATING its ninth birthday this year, New York's Sullivan Room is a hardened survivor of NYC nightlife's tough times, a testament to the dedication and enthusiasm of owner Sergei Sklyarenko...

ARMA 17 is one club in Moscow not about feis kontrol - meaning it doesn't cater for the elite or image-obsessed.

LOCATED in a city known more for its jazz clubs, theatres and museums than its club scene, Tabubar wears its cultural roots with pride, exhibiting various contemporary art paintings on its deep...

IMAGINE it. By day, swaying in hammocks, swigging cocktails and soaking up the sun listening to tunes until sunset.

WITH US billboard charts currently experiencing something of a dance insurgence with the likes of Swedish House Mafia, Black Eye Peas, Guetta, Tiësto/Diplo and Rihanna sweeping up, it's no...

NOPE, Encore Beach Club has not performed a miracle, found a legitimate coastline in the landlocked desert of Las Vegas. Still, the sentiment is there.

MOTION'S position as the South West's most recognised underground venue can largely be put down to one season of events - In:Motion - held within this twin-roomed converted skatepark between...

ON any given day, Digital Brighton's location, just a few metres from the pebble-stone beach alongside swanky cafés and fish & chip shops, barely hints at the spiralling chaos found inside...

Down 3

THERE'S nothing back-up about Plan B, Brixton's best kitted-out club space and home to its most cutting edge line-ups.

Down 22

LA-LA Land's obsession with 15-minute trends means that fashion trends and celebrities come and go from the spotlight as often as Lindsay Lohan goes in and out of rehab.

Down 31

PREVIOUSLY a hangout for sweaty-haired indie-rockers during its former life as Barfly Liverpool, The Masque has undergone a makeover in recent years (including extended capacity over three floors...

Down 22

UNO is certainly not the loneliest number at Malta's largest outdoor club, Numero Uno; such a hit with locals and tourists that it frequently attracts enough clubbers to fill its enormous space...

Down 64

A cinema by day and trippy discotheque by night, Studio Martin has existed as the daddy of the Romanian electronic scene for the past 16 years or so.

WITH a name suggesting that they're more than conversant with neon-drenched youth culture, Calgary's Friday night rave box, OMFG, comes built upon the trending sounds of fidget, electro and...

EGO is the understated gem in a strip of cheesy Eurotrash discotheques just off the Reeperbahn, Hamburg's red light district, home of the world's most bundled-up prostitutes.