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Top 100 Clubs

Up 19

As far as techno goes, there is little debate about where the centre of the universe lies at the moment - deep inside the vast vortex of 70 Am Wriezener Bahnhof, Berlin.

Down 1

If you could study the art of club programming like any other science, then there would be no better masterclass than Fabric.

Down 1

There is still no club in the world quite like Ibiza's Space.

Up 1

Tucked away in the labyrinthine, unassuming streets of downtown Tokyo's Shibuya District, between smoke shops and love hotels, lies one of the world's best clubs.

Down 2

Possibly the most misleadingly named club on the planet, a journey to Amnesia is still one of the most unforgettable experiences around.

Up 28

Lost in a commercial wilderness for much of the early noughties, the Ministry of Sound has since enjoyed a credibility restoration that is little short of a miracle.

When it comes to club branding, the Pacha empire has surely written the definitive rulebook. Think Pacha and you instantly think glamour, style and elegance.

Up 2

Of all Berlin's gilded palaces of hedonism, Watergate, located at 49 Falckensteinstrasse in the salubrious Kreuzberg district, right on the banks of the River Spree, is undoubtedly one of its...

Up 24

Celebrating their sixth birthday this month, this is D-Edge's fourth appearance in our Top 100 Clubs poll.

Down 6

Cynics and sell-outs might tell you that idealism will never change the world - but they are wrong.

Up 15

From the early EBM and house sounds played at Dorian Gray during the 1980s, through becoming the birthplace of trance at The Omen in the 1990s to the electro-house and minimal styles being...

Down 4

Size isn't everything but when you have a clubbing complex with the scale and girth of Toronto's Guvernment it definitely counts for something.

Down 2

With a motto of "one world, one music, one tribe, one dance," Singapore's Zouk opened its doors back in 1991 with a simple but ambitious aim - to guide the state's nocturnal youth away from the...

Up 16

Imagine strolling to the door of your local club. Instead of their usual dissatisfied snort, the doormen welcome you in with the cheery greeting of a long lost family friend.

Down 6

It's so close to perfect that it's almost a cliché; looking over at a vast palm-fringed beach in the warm Brazilian air with white sand between your toes and waves lapping at the shore, as the...

Up 1

Forget Boddingtons. In Sankeys you can celebrate the real pride of Manchester. And just like the finest ale, it's getting better with age.

Down 3

At time of press, DC10's rural den of inequity was staring at a season-long ban with rumours that it has dripped its last dregs of debauchery altogether.

Up 7

If ever there was proof that good things come in small packages then Plastic People, in the Shoreditch area of London, is surely it.

Up 2

Curl down luxuriant, verdant mountain ridges, down past the golden sands and crystal waters of Maresias Beach and delve into the rainforests that shoulder it.

Down 4

When Digital opened back in 2005 it was ambitiously christened the 'Fabric of The North' and it duly shot a slumbering Toon-side club scene into the zenith of clubbing technology.

Up 56

Strange that in a city in which you can indulge almost any devilish vice, one of Amsterdam's biggest attractions should be an old church.

Up 17

You'd better pack some spare batteries for your body if you want to keep up with the sheer pace of life after dark in Buenos Aires.

As if bossing the globe's MP3 market wasn't enough, Beatport's Brad Roulier has reset the parameters of 21st century clubbing with his pet project, Beta.

Down 5

It's not a very promising prospect. An old rowing club in the arse end of nowhere named after a blues singer. Is the Robert Johnson really one of the best techno clubs in the world?

Up 27

Much like the city's iconic Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco's finest club is one of both immense scale and inspiring architectural beauty.

Never bet against Keith Reilly and his Fabric team.

Down 14

Is there any UK city with as rich a techno history as Glasgow? Examine the history of The Arches and you'd have to conclude not.

Up 16

No relation to its Ibiza namesake, Space Miami is every bit as central to Miami's club scene as the Playa d'en Bossa superclub is to the White Isle.

When it comes to the Asian clubbing market, it's easy to assume that the Japanese are leading the way in technological prowess and detail. But that's not exactly the case.

Down 6

For a city that supposedly never sleeps, just four years ago New York clubbers were bemoaning the lack of decent venues in the city.

Up 20

Whilst the Japanese might be the masters when it comes to compact design, Tokyo's ageHa is a place where biggest is best.

Don't be deceived. Hardpop might sound like the trashiest gay disco this side of Soho but scratch beneath the name to uncover one of the globe's most unlikely outposts of underground techno.

Down 11

As one of the T-shirts that's a guaranteed sight every year at the Sonar festival reads: 'Fuck Berlin.

Up 3

When a DJ as well travelled as François K describes a club as the only venue he has truly felt at home in you know there must be something special about it.

Up until this time last year, admitting you were going to Eden would have got you laughed out of DC10.

As far as any club in our Top 100 list goes, get the sound right and the rest will follow.

Up 3

Celebrating 20 years last year, The Rex opened its doors in 1988 but Thursday 21st May 1992 was its real starting point. That was the night when a young Laurent Garnier promoted his first Wake Up...

Call it fate, but there's something fitting about these two Parisian venues sitting side by side in this list.

Whether it's festivals like the enormous Exit in Serbia or the boutique Garden in Croatia, parties and conferences like SEEME in Bulgaria or the region's homegrown DJs like Raresh and Rhadoo, Umek...

Up 42

If Avalon were a blockbuster film, it would be clubland's equivalent of Citizen Kane and Star Wars rolled into one.

Ask any genuine DJ's DJ and they will tell you much the same.

Down 10

For all the technological futurism of the modern superclub you still can't beat a classic house party, and at My House they host the best in the country every single Saturday - Leeds institution...

Up 4

Location. Location. Location. It's as important a selling point for club promoters as it is estate agents, and it's what makes many of the world's most famous venues most memorable.

Down 9

It's a summery Sunday afternoon in one of the world's most visually stunning cities, so why not spend it queuing in the car park of an industrial estate?

Sure, clubs that have been converted from other buildings, be they churches, warehouses or even underpants factories - as was the case with the old Eskimo Bar in Ghent - do have a certain charm...

One of the birthplaces of the Renaissance - the 14th century art movement, not the club brand - the weight of history hangs as heavy as the Tuscan heat in Florence, where religious statues stare...

Up 8

Whilst sexier and slinkier than ever, there is no disputing that techno has lost some of the spirited fuck-you rebellion that charged its more formative, less corporate days when fiercely...

Electro, house, d&b, psy-trance… Brazil's vibrant scene has embraced every shade of electronic music imaginable but if one sound sums up the Brazilian spirit best then that sound is surely...

Down 7

If there's one thing Ibizan clubs have over the majority of their mainland counterparts it's a sense of both magic and history. And none can claim more of either than Privilege.

Widely regarded as Japan's gastronomic capital, Osaka has hundreds of restaurants catering to every conceivable taste.

From the futuristic strips of D-Edge to the elegance of Pacha, Sao Paolo's club scene is the most thriving in South American but it is Anzu that can claim to have planted the first seeds.

Until Crystal opened in 2002, Turkey's nightlife was probably best framed by the image of pissed Brits dancing to Rick Astley in Bodrum dives. Not any more.

Down 17

Located right on Hollywood Boulevard, Vanguard's main room is a sight every bit as cinematic as its name and location would suggest.

Up 40

Essentially a perfect dark and dingy basement club, in just two years Villa has garnered a hushed reputation as one of Europe's secret little gems.

Just as you'll have to reconfigure your sense of scale when travelling the serious distances in Australia, so you'll need to prepare yourself for the sheer size of Metro City.

Down 7

If you went on the name and the club's famous hanging chandeliers alone, you'd be forgiven for overlooking Kristal Glam Club as some tacky VIP haunt that gets down to diamond studded r&b.

Given that Romania is such a hotbed for underground music right now, it's fitting that Kristal finds itself tailed so closely by a fellow Romanian club.

Oil, investment, $20 million fireworks displays that you can see from out of space - Dubai is known for a lot of things but deep underground dance music isn't one of them.

When it comes to music, Munich might be a bit of a poor relation to Berlin and Frankfurt but in Harry Klein they have a little beauty that would make any family proud.

Down 10

A renovated art deco theatre, Mansion is every bit as opulent as its name suggests with split levels, sweeping staircases and dramatic crystal chandeliers making this one of the most charismatic...

Down 23

Saying Peter Gatien knows a thing or two about clubs is a bit like saying Alex Ferguson knows his way round a football pitch.

The billionaires' playground, Moscow might be home to the world's most expensive hotel but the space that holds the clubbing monopoly here is as industrial as they come.

Another iconic venue that has Mr Gatien's stamp on it, Vision was originally a downtown church before the club king stepped in and opened it up as Limelight Chicago back in the '80s.

Beatport's Beta might represent Denver's bold new clubbing future but Vinyl is one of the venues that laid the foundations.

Up 33

Scotland isn't all about the Sub Club and The Arches. Buried in the pulsing heart of Edinburgh's Old Town, Caves is a rare, atmosphere-drenched venue.

Up 17

The Chinese Laundry, one of the longest-running nights in Sydney, is sneakily located through a back entrance in The Slip Inn.

"A legendary club that holds only 600 people and gets better every time I play there," says Goa Club fan Nic Fanciulli.

Down 61

Clubbers around the world dribble at the prospect of trips to clubbing Meccas in Miami, Ibiza and London.

Berlin's Bar 25, which opened last summer, is a somewhat quirky entry in our Top 100 Clubs poll, with its riverside garden, restaurant, tiny hostel in the backyard and rope swings.

Just ten years ago, telling people you were going clubbing in Croatia would most probably have elicited raised eyebrows and sarky remarks about packing a flak jacket.

The chandeliers might resemble a WAG's earrings, but The Warehouse has divested itself from most of the other glam accessories since it was Leeds' handbag house central with nights like Vague...

Down 12

Wreathed in legend, the vast labyrinth tunnels of Heaven gave us institutions like Paul Oakenfold's Monday night phenomenon Spectrum back in the acid house explosion of 1988 and the Thursday night...

Featured in the movie Lost In Translation, Air has proved that the message of music is a universal language with a diverse spread of DJs showcased recently in the upscale Tokyo venue.

It can be difficult enough tearing yourself away from the beach in Barcelona, let alone driving for an hour down the motorway, but anyone who factors in a trip to Florida 135 in the nearby city of...

Not a place with any unnecessary frills, Culture Box is a club where the wrapping is much less important than what's inside.

As small and perfectly formed as a Tic-Tac, The Mint Club has consistently been one of the freshest clubs in the UK since it was converted from the grotty Fiddlers 12 years ago.

Okay, it might have nicked its name from the world's slushiest chick-flick, but no-one puts this club in a corner.

Circus Afterhours is the sort of club it's worth saving yourself for rather than staggering into when the doors open at 2am looking for more booze.

Down 49

You'll have to move quickly to see what makes Tribehouse one of the world's best clubs, as the venue shuts its doors for good following a massive valedictory party over the first weekend in May....

Up 12

Underground in all senses of the word, Cabaret Voltaire is encased in an ancient subterranean cavern underneath the streets of Edinburgh's Cowgate district.

Down 28

Not many clubs don't have a single roof but when the annual rainfall wouldn't fill a bucket there's not really a need.

Lee Burridge recently described San Fran as having the potential to become America's clubbing equivalent to Berlin. And one venue that has been doing it here since the start is 1015.

In recent years the deep techno productions of Shlomi Aber and Bedrock's Guy Gerber have helped shift Tel Aviv's sound away from the psychedelic trance it was once so synonymous with, and Haoman...

Playing host to live music for over six decades, The Prince Of Wales Bandroom has had everyone from Lenny Kravitz to Coldplay on its stage, but since 2001 it has been a vital clubbing destination...

One of last summer's wild cards, this open-air space manages to cram more than 1% of Malta's entire population in for events like its Renaissance residency.

Despite its rich clubbing heritage, Bristol was suffering from a lack of new venues until this indoor skate park got hijacked by promoters like bass lovers Blowpop and techno crew Just Jack for...

Down 60

A 200-year-old theatre, the Barfly's many nooks, crannies and corridors are riddled with charm. They also play regular host to the twin towers of Liverpool's clubbing team - Circus and Chibuku.

A monument to honest Belgian clubbing and Antwerp's own underground institution, the intimate Café D'Anvers is situated slap bang in the middle of the city's red-light district.

Down 5

A fond favourite of local sons Fergie, The Japanese Popstars and Phil Kieran, Belfast's Stiff Kitten has been upholding the capital's impassioned love affair with underground techno since its 2005...

Down 25

Previously known as both The Medicine Bar and The Custard Factory, The Factory Club was first built by Alfred Bird and Sons to produce his world famous custard in the 1880s.

Down 25

When Digital Brighton threw open its doors back in September 2007, it not only breathed new live into the legendary arches of the former Zap Club but it dragged Brighton clubbing sweating,...

Down 48

Back when Panorama Bar wasn't even a kick drum in its owner's ears, the original Tresor was founded in the vaults of a former department store in Berlin's Mitte area, in 1991.

The birthplace of Bulgarian clubbing, the vast Yalta is truly a club of firsts.

The slick surroundings of Lisbon's huge Lux have become the stuff of legend.

When we think of dance music and Poland, cities like Warsaw, Krakow or Gdansk spring to mind.

The ultra-glam Le Queen is as fabulous as its name implies.

Down 53

The unique location of Weekend perched atop one of Berlin's few tall buildings, is a boon in itself; looking out over the city lights from the spectacular roof terrace is something else entirely...

Of all the many Parisian haunts, none are filled with as much history as Le Bataclan, a venue of true vintage charm.