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Top 100 Clubs

Up 15

"We are building the best club in the universe... failure is not an option," declared the sign that David Vincent stuck up in the club's office on taking full control here back in 2006.

When it first unveiled itself back in 1999, Keith Reilly's exposed brick-work cavern promised to upgrade the acid house experience for the 21st century - an overawing industrial space with...

Up 2

Lying just over the road from Privilege in Ibiza's San Rafael, legend has it that the house where Amnesia now stands was built at the end of the 18th century.

Up 2

In an era when familiar clubbing institutions are still dropping like flies and custom-built, professionally run dance Meccas are notable only by absence, London needs Ministry Of Sound more than...

Up 2

On an island dominated by mechanistic techno and minimalist rhythms, Pacha continues to fly the flag for full-flavoured house music and good-time grooves - past, present and future.

Up 20

Just over a year old, and Fabric's latest venture matter has already indelibly imprinted itself on London's clubbing landscape. Small wonder.

Down 4

While most nightclubs are just that, Space Ibiza is something much more.

Down 7

The Holy Grail for Europe's Easyjet-set ravers, Berghain and Panorama Bar are the destination of choice for those you like it long and hard.

Up 2

Given the relatively impoverished scope of Singapore's club scene, it would be easy to call Zouk the big fish in small pond. But it'd also be wrong.

Up 33

When you first arrive at Fabrik, you'd be forgiven for wondering if you're in the right place at all.

Up 33

Mention Mykonos and clubbing in the same breathe and the first image that probably comes to mind is of beery Brits formation dancing to Whigfield.

Down 5

While Sin Palace Berghain often gets all the credit as Berlin's premier techno palace, the intimate, convivial surroundings of Watergate have their own claim to being the city's best club.

Up 55

The land of maple leafs and mounties may not be the first place that springs to mind when you think of the world's clubbing hotspots, but to ignore Montreal's Stereo would be to do so at your...

Up 5

Nearly five years on from opening and Digital Newcastle is still living up to the 'Fabric of the North' tag that it was christened with after its inaugural night.

Down 7

Since opening in 2003, D-Edge has really helped put Brazil on the map as a forward-thinking electronic music haven.

Down 13

Get the basic ingredients just right, and the rest will fall into place. Take Tokyo's justly-revered rave arena Womb.

Up 10

While undoubtedly an endangered species, the outdoor club terrace lives on through Space Miami - a club blessed with the one of Downtown Miami's few 24-hour liquor licenses.

Up 4

The pet project of Beatport boss Brad Roulier, Denver club Beta has basically rewritten the rulebook for club design since opening in 2008.

Down 5

Built on Brava Beach in one of Southern Brazil's most renowned spots, Warung's name is derived from the Balinese for 'house', a statement of its welcoming intent to the thousands who flocks there...

Up 26

As explosive as its name suggests, Fuse has been Belgium's number one techno outpost since it opened way back in 1994 - an era when Belgian techno label R&S was revered as one of the globe's...

Up 34

Acoustically perfect and tastefully futuristic, the intimate Cielo is the perfect environment to hear a DJ as musically informed as François K embark on marathon sonic voyages through the deep,...

Up 36

Over the last six years, Munich's Harry Klein has been firmly placed as the city's leading touchstone for underground house and quality techno with the likes of Ostgut Ton, Cadenza Mobilee, Joris...

Up 53

As friendly as it is futuristic, legendary Leeds venue The Mint Club (former Basics home) has gone to the next level since undergoing a £500,000 refit under its new owners in 2008.

Up 57

If you can rely on the Pacha name for one thing, it's aesthetic beauty and their Egyptian outpost, opened in 2004, has that in spades.

Down 15

WHEN DJ Sven Väth started telling DJmag at the Sonar festival a few years ago about the opening of his new club in Frankfurt, even we weren't quite prepared for what a revelation it would be for...

Up 10

It may only be approaching its third birthday but Green Valley is fast making its presence felt both in Brazil, where its won numerous awards, and on the international stage.

Up 23

Kitsch pop twins the Cheeky Girls may have grown up in the eastern European country's fourth biggest city Cluj, but - on the cooler side of the tracks - Club Midi has been helping put the cultural...

Down 5

Location, location, location - Surely, it's what's inside that really matters as anyone that has made the mission to Frankfurt's Robert Johnson, lying on an unassuming street in the deserted...

Up 40

Balancing the needs of both Miami's unavoidable VIP crowd and those hungry for a proper rave experience, Mansion has managed to thrive where so many others have fallen in the magic city - surely...

Down 19

This colossal audiovisual powerhouse is as explosive a big room experience as you'll find in the North Americas with space-age lighting only adding to the crashing sonic booms that power out of...

Beijing's clubbing Mecca, the rampant success of Coco Banana is yet another sign of China's unstoppable embrace of dance music.

Down 19

Where would Glasgow be without the Sub Club?

Up 5

The immovable bedrock of Romania's underground scene, Studio Martin's techno heritage extends far beyond the point when minimal dilettantes starting waxing lyrical about Raresh, Rhadoo and Pedro...

Down 16

The beauty of the mainly open-air club Sirena really has to be seen to be believed.

Up 13

Truly putting the 'city' in capacity, Privilege is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest club in the world.

Down 7

Weighing in at four decadent 'n' debauched floors and spread out over 30,000 square feet, the labyrinth mansion of Pacha New York gave the Big Apple a much needed shot in the arm when it opened in...

Up 45

While global markets have crashed and fallen like harpooned t-rexs in recent years, Shanghai has risen as an upwardly mobile metropolis of vast technological and financial investment.

Down 12

Home to Slam's appropriately titled Pressure parties for over a decade now, Glasgow's Arches is a venue that is match made for ceiling-sweating, panel-beating techno raves of Pressure's ilk.

Up 59

The stark contrast of Cold War legacy and 21st century city exuberance is a typical subplot story for Berlin visitors and in Weekend, there is no greater example of old and new.

While the tourist cattle are drawn like dumb flies to the bright lights of Ministry Of Sound, Elephant & Castle's more understated clubbing outpost (that's Corsica Studios if you're wondering...

Down 7

Rather than the lush biblical paradise that its name conjures, Eden was most Balearic hedonists idea of hell a few years back - all topless trance monkeys and beery chants.

God only knows what the nuns that used to roam this Catholic girls school would make of the devil-may-care debauchery that goes on here now.

This is the club that Stuart Patterson and Murray Richardson recorded a live CD Rebel Waltz DJmag covermount from a couple of years back, and cool UK brands like secretsundaze and Soma have held...

Up 47

Having recently celebrated its 19th anniversary, Tresor stands as a monument to Berlin's stake to be the capital of techno long before it was affixed with the world 'minimal'.

Founded in 2007, Baalsaal is an underground purist's heaven, with its low ceiling, subtle blue light and roster of house and techno's finest to rock out the cosy basement club.

If you think all the blather about Irish crowds being the friendliest and most full-on you'll find are just lazy, outdated clichés then it's about time you paid a visit to Kelly's for their...

Up 40

Outlasting two recessions and celebrating its 20-year-anniversary last Autumn, Antwerp's Café D'Anvers hasn't shifted its core values one jot since 1989.

Like Cyprus's answer to DC10 and Bora Bora all rolled into one, Guaba Beach Bar has been flying against the mainstream bar culture of Cyprus to provide the region with a hedonistic easy-going...

Beirut's star kissing rooftop party Sky Bar isn't the sort of dive you could slink into in scuffed trainers and a moth holed t-shirt. But that's precisely its appeal.

Up 40

In its two-and-a-half years of existence, Digital Brighton has revitalised the seaside clubbing Mecca immeasurably.

Still one of France's most cutting-edge clubs, the Rex first opened around the time of the birth of acid house (1987) and was brought to international prominence by Laurent Garnier's Wake Up...

In less than 18 months, Twisted Pepper has done more for its home city than most venues manage in a lifetime.

Up 26

Well established as supporter of local talent and live music (it plays host to 30 gigs a month on average), Edinburgh's Cabaret Voltaire is also constantly punching above its weight in terms of...

Down 24

Given that it sounds like the trashiest gay disco imaginable and resides in a crime-ravaged city where drug-related gang slaughters seem to be daily rituals and clubs are put under a strict 2am...

Up 13

The notorious outdoor venue on the banks of the River Spree, you can literally lose days here.

Down 16

With a name that, thanks to its location, literally means 'Old Stock Exchange', Alte Börse is the biggest deal in Zurich's clubbing of recent years, having been born out of one of the city's most...

A constant heavyweight in Amsterdam's vibrant nightlife, former brewery warehouse Melkweg is a venue that screams rave with its vertiginous ceilings and stretching scope.

Up 19

While most afterhours clubs are renowned for being dirty, grime-ridden dens on inequity, Circus Afterhours distinguishes itself by being a club one of the cleanest and nicest looking clubs you'll...

Up 35

The inclusion of London Bridge's SeOne club is somewhat bittersweet, for the club sadly announced its closure shortly after voting opened.

Up 33

The spiritual home of electronic music in Bulgaria, Yalta's relationship with bleeps and bass began in 1989 when it became the first club in the country to experiment with electronic grooves and...

Located on the border of Hong Kong in Southern China's financial district (Luohu Disco District of Shenzhen), Cash Club is a club where bling is best - a glitzy VIP-friendly hip-hop haunt that has...

Up 23

Riddled with nooks, crannies and corridors, Liverpool's Barfly is a venue you can really lose yourself in - in every sense of the phrase.

Down 25

Some venues do every last thing they can to draw attention to themselves, but not Club JB's.

In just three years, Mynt's resident Saturday night Yello has become one of the best-loved weekly nights in Europe.

Conceived by local music lover and entrepreneur Naji Gebran, B018 has long been the jewel in Beirut's hedonistic crown.

Down 18

The 3000-capacity Anzu is actually 100km outside the major metropolis of Sao Paulo, in the city of Itu close to Campinas, Sorocaba and Jundiai in Brasil.

While Frankfurt and Berlin are talked up with high praise about their role in techno's evolution, Hamburg barely gets a mention.

No bullshit. No dress code. No hype. Just a constant stream of top draw guests and an unpretentious crowd that know their tunes and know how to party.

Down 64

A tiny blackout basement that strips clubbing back to the most primal, instinctive sensory experience, Plastic People is a venue where music isn't just heard; it's felt, it consumes, it overwhelms...

Down 33

An increasingly select number of venues have that ability to actually inspire awe but Avalon is definitely in that bracket.

Unlike its South American neighbour Brazil which is revered for its ever-growing club culture, the dance scene in Peru is a totally unknown entity.

Up 11

People have been banging on about Malta being the 'new Ibiza' as long as, well, people have been banging on about finding the 'new Ibiza'.

Down 55

The former church building of Paradiso has been operating as a temple of rebellious sound ever since the mid-'70s when it was famed for punk and new wave gigs.

Despite (or perhaps partly because of) the ongoing internal conflicts and bombings that continue to afflict Lebanon, Beirut's Basement has provided a unifying hub for the city's vibrant, music-...

Up 13

A Brummie institution, The Factory Club (still known to many older clubbers as 'The Med Bar') has been kicking out quality underground parties for nearly 15 years now.

Down 41

A converted lighthouse boat that lies on the banks of the Parisian river Seine, Le Batofar has been a beacon for progressive alternative music of all stripes for over a decade now.

What goes up must come down go the laws of gravity, but Lithuania's Gravity Club is proving otherwise.

At once industrial, atmospheric, intimate and epic, Cable was recently described by one DJmag scribe as like 'fabric but on one floor' with plenty of nooks, crannies and seating alcoves adding to...

Down 8

Enduring home of legendary superclub Godskitchen, Air remains a total beast of a club and the destination of choice for fanatical followers of rushing trance and big room techno.

Down 30

Given its location right on Hollywood Boulevard it fits that LA's Vanguard is something of a cinematic experience.

While Pacha NYC is a glistening manifestation of glamour and grandeur on a grand-scale, bricked-out basement den Sullivan Room is the Big Apple's intimate and underground clubbing touchstone.

If only there were more London venues like T Bar.

Back in the mid to late-'90s Nation ruled the nation.

Down 31

Don't let the name deceive you into thinking this place is packed full of clueless champagne sipping blingsters listening to r&b for you'd be well off.

Underground both musically and literally, Frankfurt's U60311 is actually a converted metro subway lying at the heart of the city centre.

Down 23

No club is more soaked in Scottish heritage than The Caves.

In a resort know as the spiritual summer home of UK garage, funky and r&b, Castle Club has become Ayia Napa's shining fortress for the more Ibiza-friendly genres of house, trance and tech-...

The doubters scoffed and said it would never quite go the distance. And they were wrong.

As the home of Stella Artois, the Belgian city of Leuven boasts a global export that dates back to 1366.

The ultra-chic conception of Greek club mogul and DJ, Vassili Tsillchristos, Villa Mercedes is clubbing with an upmarket makeover.

Down 39

It might be the most isolated city on the planet, but Perth is constantly plugged in to the global dance matrix through the cavernous multi-layered clubbing emporium of Metro City.

Down 64

A huge sprawling waterside club space, Tokyo's Ageha is a jaw-plunging combination of state-of-the-art technological fittings and bonkers design touches.

Down 6

So named because of its wraparound rooftop views of Dubai's ever-changing coastline, 360° is the sort of aggressively upmarket clubbing space that you'd only find in a region as investment heavy...

Down 7

In a relatively short space of time, The Stiff Kitten has come to dominate Belfast's underground music scene.

If ever there was an advert for quality above quantity then Croatia's Porat club is surely it.

From the carefully painted murals to the reams of heritage record sleeves behind the bar, every last detail about Newcastle's World Headquarters tells you this is a labour of love rather than a...

Just like Plastic People round the corner, Stuart Patterson's East Village offers an honest, musically focused antidote to the uninspired tourist traps that Old Street/Shoreditch's nightlife has...