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Top 100 Clubs

They say excellence should be rewarded. Just as well, then, that Space Ibiza has been voted to the top of this poll for the second year in a row. And quite rightly, too.

Up 1
Sat on the jungle mantle of Camboriu - Brazil's newfound answer to Ibiza, already home to Warung, with Space to follow soon - Green Valley arrived five years ago to stamp its authority on an up-and-co
Up 2

Having spread the length and breadth of the world, delivering a touch of the brand's class as far as New York, Brazil and Egypt, plus regular compilations and parties dropping all over the shop,...

Down 2

Londoners are apt to bang on about their own material monikered nightclub, but you've not experienced the sheer scale of afternoon-to-evening warehouse-styled clubbing until you've hit the arid...

Up 4
"Zouk Club is one of the reasons I like to tour in Asia. It's one of my favourite clubs in the world that never lets me down," says big room electro cat Hardwell. And it's no big surprise.
Up 2
Having celebrated its 20th anniversary last year and weathered the economic downturn much better than the property developers threatening to close it down to open flats opposite, Ministry Of Sound con
Up 4
It's nicknamed Planet Dance for good reason. BCM is renowned around the world. Despite being located in the less-than-salubrious environs of Magaluf, BCM is up there with the Balearics' best clubs.
Up 5
Situated in London's white-collar corner for media back-scratching, but housed in an old meat storage facility, Fabric is a contradiction of sorts.
Down 5
Converted from a country house to a disco back in 1976, Amnesia is where the Balearic spirit was born, Bob Marley performing in '78 and resident DJ Alfredo spinning everything from rock, disco and new
Up 4
In a nation with new venues springing up left, right and centre to channel the cash spilling out the pockets of its young, hedonistic upper class, it's refreshing to come across a club that's been her
Up 69
Struth! A 69 place leap in this year's poll?
Up 7
Bulgarian clubbing institution Yalta is a stunning example of modern European nightlife.
Down 7
Nobody can be told about the pandemonium dwelling within Berghain, it simply has to be experienced in person.
Up 2
He might have been talking about another Privilege, but the almost unbelievably vast size of the world's biggest club (according to official arbiters, the Guinness Book Of Records) might still deserve
Down 5
Greece has done a mighty fine job of preserving its cultural identity.
Down 1
Re-opening two years ago after a year of closure, it hasn't taken long for this abandoned old airport hangar to rediscover its raucous reign of eminence over the White Isle.
The highest new entry in this year's new poll, Row 14 has clearly made quite an impression over the past 12 months, rocketing in at No.17.
Up 11
Now in its sixth year, Pacha NYC brings all the list-and-bottle class and unbridled joy expected of the two cherries.
Up 2
Residing in a city more renowned for its arty noise raves than its electronic dance nightlife, Circus Afterhours bats for the more nocturnal of Montreal's clubbing population.
Up 20
It's not all "Ayia Napa, Ayia Napa" when it comes to Cyprus clubbing. Guaba, in the island's second city Limassol, is flying the flag for a more discerning sound.
Down 9
When Digital Newcastle opened seven years ago, it was a much-needed shot in the arm for clubbing in the Tyne & Wear city in the North of England.
Down 15
There's no questioning the importance the post-industrial landscape of Manchester played in spreading the gospel of dance, acts like 808 State and A Guy Called Gerald giving acid house a distinctly No
Down 3
With Pacha, you know what you are getting, right? White silk décor, skimpily-clad dancers and a pumping soundtrack.
Down 9
Not only does this hi-tech club take pride importing the finest names in bass music to a city more connected with math rock than rave mash-ups, Beta is also one of the only clubs in the world with a 1
Up 11
This forward-thinking Sao Paulo club has played a crucial part in the development of underground dance culture in Brazil.
Down 1
The second largest city in Romania, Cluj is also one of the country's most important in terms of culture, business, industry and academia, but it's still best known outside the country for giving the
Down 9

Toronto may have its fair share of prescient party spots, including Footwork, a taste-making 250-capacity nook for cool cats, and spawned top-notch techno imprints such as No.19 and My Favorite...

Brazil is one of the BRIC nations (along with Russia, India and China) designated as having growth economies.
Up 19
The birthplace of the renaissance, Florence is the home of high culture and tradition, having given us the multi-disciplined genius of Leonardo Di Vinci, Michelangelo's iconic statue David and Gucci,
Up 2
Croatia may have become the location of choice for UK promoters touting holidays with party benefits, but its home-grown clubs can struggle to attract punters.
Up 10
Opened in 1988, owner Tasos Kritikos originally lived in Castle Club.
Down 4
For a mini club wedged in a circuit constantly overshadowed by the neighbouring Berlin, Munich's Harry Klein has fared remarkably well, against the odds scoring consecutive placement in our top 40.
Down 3
It says a lot about a club scene if its venues stand the test of time.
Down 1
Similar to how a Hoover is called a Hoover, even though it's really a vacuum cleaner, Yello is not the club but in actual fact its leading club night.
Most people associate pointy teeth and wooden stakes with Transylvania, not cutting-edge club culture.
Up 55
"It ain't the size of the ship", so the saying goes, "it's also the motion of the ocean".
Down 12
Tucked away under some jungle off the golden sands of Camboriu, it's not only Warung's paradisiacal location that makes it one of the most exotic clubs in the world.
Up 7
Continuing to rise in the Top 50 after last year's new entry, Cocorico entertains thousands upon thousands of clued-up Italian clubbers each year.
Down 11
It's only two years young, but Beta's past bookings already read like a rolling list of the Beatport Top 10, with Steve Angello, Gareth Emery, Sander Van Doorn, Avicii, Zed's Dead, Mark Oliver and Blo
Up 9
Steeped in history, soaked in Amsterdam's rich counterculture, Paradiso has been a vital hub in one of Europe's most musical cities since it opened in 1968 as the Cosmic Relaxation Center Paradiso.
Massachusetts state capital Boston isn't exactly known as a jumping house hotspot, despite a few notable native sons who've emerged from there lately (like Soul Clap).
Up 18
Like all the best spots for getting deep down and dirty, Trouw has an authentic industrial edge to it, housed in the giant confines of an old paper printing plant that still retains much of its origin
Canada's club scene already has its share of great venues. Time to add a new one to the list. Cobra only opened in September 2011, but already seems to have notched up quite a following.
Down 10
Just count the number of UK and US producers living in Berlin to get a sense of its lure for those with a taste for nocturnal manoeuvres.
Up 12
With an insanely chic white interior, EV soundsystem crafted by Orbit Design Studio and 3D dynamics, Bed Supperclub is the undisputed king of the Thai clubbing circuit.
Up 38
While many clubs espouse the egalitarian doctrine that everyone is welcome as long as they come to dance, others thrive in their plush exclusivity, only offering the rich, well-groomed or well-connect
Down 18
Dublin's decadent dedication to super-swish clubbing, The Wright Venue is Ireland's last word in VIP-style luxuriousness.
Up 50
Displaying a healthy competitiveness to out-do their US cousins alongside a similarly bombastic take on dance music, drawing inspiration from the noisier, more abrasive end of the dance spectrum, Klub
Up 10
Hawaii: an idyllic, paradisiacal destination beyond the reach of most of us. But a club culture hub, bang in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? You having a laugh?
The Greek capital Athens has its share of top clubs, but Villa Mercedes bestrides the dance scene there like a veritable Colossus of Rhodes.
A rare feature of a South American nation more famous for flora and fauna than pumping dancefloors, Vertigo is the flag-bearing sweatbox for a country responsible for one of the world's most stunning
Up 29
Don't be put off by the name. Buried deep under the cobbled streets of Edinburgh's Old Town, you'll find more than a literary-themed 1920's knees-up down in the hidden vaults of Cabaret Voltaire.
Down 17
Fighting pretty much single-handedly to keep the New York scene alive during the best part of the noughties, Cielo serves as the last standing venue exclusively dedicated to high-end dance music in a
First opening in 1979, Leeds' The Warehouse is the oldest club in this poll. But that's not to say it was rocking 4/4 beats a decade before any of the others.
Up 34
Breathing some much-needed fresh air into the New York club scene back in summer 2010, District 36 has ploughed on, growing in stature with each monolith through its doors; its hard work and dedicatio
Up 36
Perched on the pebble seashore of Brighton, on any given weekend (and Thursday night), you'll find Digital crawling with charged-up ravers.
Up 37
Pumped full of the opulent pomp and circumstance expected of a Hollywood venue, Avalon looks like it should belong in a movie.
Up 14
Venture to London Bridge on the weekend, steal beneath one particular railway arch - you'll know which one; the bass will be booming out, leading you there, Pied Piper-style - and you'll be in Cable,
Up 7
The biggest nightclub on the stunning Greek island of Mykonos, Paradise Club is a much-needed antidote to the sleazy posturing of R&B/pop venues and bars residing within one of Europe's most envie
Down 22
One of the venues Miami's scene is famed for, Mansion's brand of clubbing is, as its name suggests, decidedly of the opulent persuasion.
Up 21
One of the undisputed big names of the UK club scene, with clubs in Birmingham, Nottingham and Watford, Gatecrasher's rave roots go back to the early '90s.
The second-highest entry for Belgium in this year's poll and its oldest, La Rocca opened its doors back in 1988, roughly around the same time Belgian new beat started finding its way into clubs.
Up 1
The ultra-modern Garage has no truck with old school ideals. You won't find them pining for the lo-fi disco days of the Paradise Garage.
Down 1
Spawned in the image of its 21-year-old Singaporean brother of the same name in 2004, Kuala Lumpur's Zouk carries all the flashing lights and day-glo paraphernalia expected of the superclub brand stil
Starting out its life as a modest beach bar under a canopy where the likes of Luciano and Carl Craig would play b2b unannounced, Ushuaïa clearly had ideas above its station from the outset.
It would be wrong, criminal even, for the birthplace of house music not to have a presence in this poll.
Space Ibiza's first franchise, the Sharm edition features three familiarly named rooms.
Up 30
Solomun and Adriano Trollio's five-year-old Diynamic imprint is leading Germany's deep house insurgence from the front, so it's no wonder their club, pitched off a backstreet of Hamburg's red light di
Down 47
Born in 2004 and opened with Matthias Martinsohn, Sven Väth's ultra-futuristic bolthole venue in the city where he first rose to club infamy is a combination of freaky factors that obviously complemen
Down 16
A jewel in the crown of the Opium Group, Set revels in the glamour of '30s Hollywood excess, a time back in the public consciousness thanks to the Oscar-sweeping The Artist.
The Chinese doctrine of Tao is a path to enlightenment, so its use as the name of a club in Las Vegas, home to busty women and buffed-up topless men cavorting to the likes of 50 Cent and DJ Vice, is a
Down 4
Located off the beaten track of an area of London that has little else to offer other than a massive roundabout, giant subway and a tatty old shopping centre (and Ministry Of Sound, of course), Corsic
Up 6
The jewel in the crown of Leeds' ludicrously active club circuit, Mint Club set the ball rolling back in '97, helped along by Dave Beer and his resident raveathon Back To Basics.
In a club scene overrun by champagne-swigging aristocrats and stiletto-heeled glamour queens, it's refreshing to see the ascent of a Brazilian den reserved for more demure dancefloor sounds.
Up 21
Approaching two decades of dance, Studio Martin has forged a blazing trail in Romanian clubbing, bringing legends such as Laurent Garnier, Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Jeff Mills to the country for th
Down 35
One of the craziest things about Womb is just how low-key it is. At least, from the outside.
The hyper-speed reinvention of Las Vegas as a clubbing Nirvana continues apace.
Responsible for spurring some of the most powerful juggernauts treading the globe today, it's often easy to overlook the salubrious sonics bubbling beneath the Dutch dance scene's mainstream.
Down 11
Few institutions carry as much weight as Glasgow's Sub Club.
Down 31
No city likes to 'ave it quite like Glasgow. And none in the city provide a clubbing experience as sprawling and abandoned as those dusty tunnels in the centre, known as The Arches.
Down 46
With a history that stretches the breadth of dance music, in a country responsible for some of its most meaningful contributions, it's no wonder that Café D'Anvers is a repeat offender in this poll.
Hardly the centre of the clubbing universe, Aberdeen has fared pretty well over the years, largely thanks to the existence of SNAFU, its leading spot for electronic music.
"Best club in Holland," according to Tiësto and "one of the best in the world," in the words of Laidback Luke, Matrixx is a mega club located in a mini city on the Dutch border of Germany.
Poised to bring Judge Jules' Judgement Sundays for the 13th year in a row this summer, Eden is firmly established as the lifeblood of the Ibiza scene, catering for the clubbers on the island unabashed
Down 24
Many of the world's best dance cities have one club in particular that is synonymous with its scene. In Paris, it's unquestionably the Rex.
Down 47
Situated in downtown Miami opposite a gentleman's bar, and the proud holder of a rare 24-hour liquor licence, there's something enticingly gritty about Space Miami in comparison to the plastic glamour
The US club scene is not one renowned for its subtlety, especially these days. But Ruby Skye, arguably California's most prominent club, doesn't seem to mind one iota.
What Seoul's club scene lacks in heritage, it makes up for with its space-age sensibility. Superlative sound, head-spinning visuals, nebulous plumes of mystic smoke...
Down 52
Not that we are suckers for gimmickry here at DJ Mag HQ, but it's difficult not to be impressed, or at least intrigued, by a club chicly mocked up as a bomb shelter.
Down 6
The coolest techno club in Moscow, if not possibly the coolest club in the whole of Russia, Arma17 had to leave its industrial complex birthplace after a fire in 2009.
Down 31
Having worked its way into the affections of Romania's affluent raving classes through establishing a watertight music policy centred around only the biggest (but credible) names on the house and tech
Down 41
There is only one Spartacus, as far as the trendy ravers of Provence are concerned.
Down 43
Japan's pioneering engagement with electronic music, something that has spurred some of the most sensory-exploding clubs in the world, is hardly surprising for a country so obsessed with technology.

Clubs come, go and regularly change hands in Seoul, but one that isn't going anywhere is Octagon.

Pitched slap-bang in the middle of the rushing commotion of Hollywood Boulevard, Playhouse has happily embraced the tidal wave of dance music currently crashing over the US, hence its appearance as a
Down 37
Preferring to remain conspicuous in favour of the clandestine climes of some backstreet venues, Beirut's Skybar is the opulent clubbing gem of the Middle East, a towering inferno of popping fireworks
Down 6
It might take something extra special to coax the scenesters of Shoreditch out of their comfort zone these days, but Brixton's Plan B is certainly that.